About Hoi An Memories Land

Hoi An Memories Land is a complex of tourism, resorts, and culture located adjacent to and an inseparable part of Hoi An's ancient town. It pioneers the trend of cultural tourism in Vietnam. Hoi An Memories Land crafts a green tourism space, aligning with local tourism towards a sustainable cultural tourism ecosystem. The Hoi An Memories Show - reenacting 400 years of Hoi An's ups and downs, featuring 5 impressive performances by nearly 500 professional actors on a vast 25,000m2 stage amidst the Hoai River. The first themed Cultural Park in Vietnam - Hoi An Impressions, employs architectural and artistic diversity, reflecting the vibrant life of a bustling international port city. Hoi An Memories Resort & Spa - the trailblazer in redefining the art of resort services, honored by World Travel Award as " Asia's Leading Entertainment Resort". In 2022, Hoi An Memories Land was recognized by the World Travel Award - the "Oscar of the global tourism industry" - as the "World's Leading Entertainment Destination".

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Located amidst the poetic Hoai River, Hoi An Memories Land is in close proximity to the ancient town, making the traveler's exploration more convenient. From here, it's an easy 10-minute walk or a 5-minute bike ride to Hoi An Ancient Town. Moreover, by car, it takes only 40 minutes to arrive at Da Nang Airport, and 15 minutes to An Bang and Cua Dai beaches. With its superb connectivity to famous tourist spots, Hoi An Memories Land is an unmissable destination when visiting Hoi An


With core values revolving around happiness - experience - innovation - solidarity and convenience, Hoi An Memories Land is constructed with a pivotal mission: to be a trailblazer in infusing cultural and historical values into the entertainment domain. The goal is to safeguard invaluable assets (cultural and historical) for the Vietnamese people, promote Vietnamese culture and tourism, and contribute to the development of the cultural tourism industry in Vietnam.