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The Life - Hoi An's memories of the dawn of time

Chapter I of the “Hoi An Memories” show centers around the formation of this famous locality. Originally, Hoi An was just a small town, where people cut wood to build houses, then it has gradually evolved into a city. Performers plan rice, catch fish, sift sand, cut wood, build house, and trade products on the stage, a recreation of local popular livelihoods. The images of Hoi An women and mothers are crafted beautifully enough to touch the viewers’ hearts.

The Wedding - Memory of Hoi An during the Champa period

Chapter II tells about the wedding of Huyen Tran princess and Champa King Jaya Sinhavarman III (also called Che Man in Vietnamese). Pretty princess Huyen Tran was the daughter of King Tran Nhan Tong who promised to give his daughter in marriage to the Champa King to strengthen their bilateral relations. The royal wedding ceremony is reinvigorated meticulously, yet, features the sadness from the bottom of Huyen Tran’s heart. The vividly red flamboyant flowers flowing with the water and the boat carrying her to the groom’s house just tell us how heart-broken she was at sacrificing her own youth and real love for national affairs.

Ships and Sea - Hoi An's memories of the transition period

Chapter III reminds the audience of the busy port city of Hoi An in the past, which was always packed with vessels, sailors, and merchants, who came, traded, and left, despite many of them falling in love with locals. Hoi An women were really hard-working and fully taking care of house shores, leaving their significant others secured to embark on long voyages to make their ends meet. The scene of Hoi An women carrying lanterns and walking in windstorms alone highlight their courage to bear the hardships in life and become the spiritual support for their husbands and lovers. The image of a girl waiting for her lover is absolutely captivating and artistic. She desperately misses her far-away loved one and writhes with worries whenever a tropical storm is approaching, causing him a lot of troubles offshore or even putting him at risk. She worries about death but cannot lend a helping hand on spot. She asks the God of Heaven to protect him and back him back to her safe and sound. The woman, petrified of waiting for her significant other, is a conventional symbol of loyalty in love. No matter how long and traumatic, she insists on sitting there waiting for him day by day with her forever love.

The Shore - Hoi An's memories of multilateral cultural interference

Chapter IV highlights the cultural interference in the prosperous trading port of Hoi An. Such a subtle arrangement of art the show’s director has produced when using music as the story teller. The audience is treated to a symphony played by famous musical instrument as a background for iconic dances of Vietnam, China, Japan, and Portugal. A performance of 30 Vietnamese artists on “Dan Bau”- a Vietnamese monochord or a traditional one-string musical instrument, is considered the zenith of the entire repertoire. It suggests the necessity for indigenous culture to be respected and preserved in the face of cross culture.

The Ao Dai - The combination of ancient "Hoi An's memories" with modern life

In Chapter V, the jubilant, beautiful ladies made their appearance again to brighten up the stage. If we see this S-shaped country as a sexy lady, Hoi An, in central Vietnam, is definitely her wasp waist. This place is as stunning, graceful, and gentle as those women in the traditional long gowns. The girls riding their bicycles on the timeline signify our life keeping on moving forward. The sounds of the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter; the sound of breathing; and the stepping sounds are mixed together, while, on the stage, the houses are constructed one after another to imply Hoi An’s steady development, but Hoi An residents, who live in these houses, will tirelessly their traditional cultural values no matter how developed this city is. This scene closes the “Hoi An Memories” show, which puts spectators on a rollercoaster of emotions. Hoi An seduces everyone who has been here, just as the way it became the second homeland of many foreigners from different parts of the world in the old days. And nowadays, their predecessors continue loving this land and well keeping the traditional customs for future generations.
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