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Discover the journey back in reverse time by cruising down the Hoai River to the dazzling golden Faifo trading port with Hoi An Memories land with millions of poetry experiences this fall.

“What to Do in Hoi An?” Definitely, it will be a question only for those who haven't seen this place... Because tourists become more familiar with Hoi An's ancient yet full of fresh things with each return.

Despite the preservation of hundreds of historical and cultural treasures of the legendary FAIFO busiest trading port, Hoi An is quite different when it comes to romantic beauty from a wooden boat floating in the midst of the Hoai River.

In this fall, Hoi An Memories land offers you a poetic gift: — HOI AN CRUISE — The "dream" adventure to uncover a mystery Faifo through various experiences.

Enjoy the deeply soothing sensation of sitting on the Hoi An Cruise and allowing your spirit to drift along the gentle flow of the Hoai River. That memories's flow will lead you into the busiest Faifo Trading Port via peaceful docks right in the heart of the Ancient Town.

It's time to check-in Hoi An! Come explore the ancient town with Hoi An Memories Land on an amazing excursion cruise!

The Hoi An Cruise itinerary will begin when the first passengers being picked up at An Hoi wharf, and then cruise along the banks of the romantic Hoai River, complimenting the picturesque surroundings at sunset.

If you get to Hoi An without admiring the "Romantic Moonlight Bridge," you will be making a huge mistake because it will be the first dock for the Hoi An Cruise excursion!

Return to the memory region through the Moonlight Bridge - The land of memory region appears magical with the rich quintessence of regional cuisines with distinctive food, immersed in a melody with the bold lyrical homelands. In particular, mini-shows re-enacting the long-standing cultural quintessence preserved in Hoi An Impression Theme Park promise to give a fantastic experience.

The Hoi An Cruise itinerary's most outstanding point is The Hoi An Memories Show, which will awaken tourists' sense of hearing with the world's most stunning outdoor visual arts performance.

Returning to the Hoi An Cruise, passengers will be able to contemplate the panorama of Hoai River at night, with multicolored lanterns glittering and hand-dropped floating paper flower lanterns with prayers along the smooth water in the heart of Hoi An. Those are the experiences that grab the spirits of tourists from all over the world when they come to Hoi An.

With romantic space, a pleasant river wind, and smooth water reflecting the world's most picturesque ancient town at night, you will have wonderful recollections. ONLY VND 600,000 PER PERSON - There's no need to ponder too hard about "What to do in Hoi An?" because the answer is right here: DETAILED CRUISE ITINERARY

Check in to Hoi An right now! Be sure to bring your camera to record memories of your cruise!

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