Hoi An Memories - An unmissable art performance in Vietnam

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The art performance of Hoi An Memories is one of the most captivating realistic art shows in Vietnam that tourists should not overlook when visiting Hoi An. This show encompasses numerous artistic values with meticulous and elaborate investments. With its grand and intricate scale of scenic art, this performance is bound to leave a lasting impression on any audience.

1. What is the art of scenic performance?

Scenic art is a form of stage art that combines traditional stage materials with modern sound and light effects to create unique visual attractions in the presented work. It is an impression show hoi an that often utilizes cultural and traditional historical materials, combined with contemporary stage effects. Scenic art provides an interesting experience for the audience through the harmonious blend of traditional and modern art.

Buổi biểu diễn nghệ thuật thực cảnh Ký Ức Hội An

The Hoi An Memories Art Performance

Specifically, in the Hoi An Memories art performance, the use of sound effects, lighting, choreography, and script to recreate the history of Hoi An's ancient town in a unique and creative way is highlighted. This is currently the most grand and magnificent realistic art show in Vietnam. The world's leading news agency, Reuters, has acclaimed it as the "most beautiful show in the world." So, what makes the Hoi An Memories show so impressive that it has garnered praise from hundreds of newspapers worldwide?

2. 4 Noteworthy Aspects of the impression show Hoi An

2.1 Vibrant Historical Recreations of Ancient Hoi An

The Hoi An Memories art performance offers the audience a vivid portrayal of the history, formation, and development of the Hoi An trading port, spanning from the 14th century to the present. The story of Hoi An unfolds dynamically through five acts: "Sinh Mệnh" (Life) recounts the primitive era, the genesis of the nation's history; "Đám Cưới" (Wedding) recreates the event of Princess Huyen Tran's marriage to King Che Man of Champa due to the diplomatic relationship between Champa and Vietnam; "Đèn và Biển" (Lanterns and the Sea) paints a picture of love among couples in 15th-16th century Hoi An; "Bến Bờ" (Wharf) depicts a prosperous Hoi An as the trading hub for ships from around the world in the 16th-17th century; "Áo Dài" transports the audience back to modern-day Hoi An, still as beautiful as the muses in traditional "áo dài" dresses.

Buổi biểu diễn nghệ thuật vẽ lại một bức tranh Hội An đầy sống động

The impression show hoi an Painting a Lively Portrait of Hoi An

It is evident that the five acts comprehensively recreate the formation and development of Hoi An alongside the Vietnamese people. From the initial days when the Vietnamese people first arrived in the 14th century to the period of exploration, expansion, and livelihood in the 15th-16th century, leading to Hoi An's peak prosperity over hundreds of years. The audience gains a deeper understanding of the land and people of Hoi An, particularly in Quang Nam, through these vibrant and colorful historical and cultural reenactments.

2.2 Captivating Performance by a Professional Cast

In 2018, the Hoi An Memories art performance was recognized by the Vietnam Record Organization (VietKings) as the "daily artistic performance with the largest number of actors." The show brought together nearly 500 performers who participated throughout the program's impressive hour-long duration. The scale of the performance is remarkable when compared to shows worldwide.

Sân khấu và bối cảnh được dàn dựng quy mô

Expansive Stage and Meticulously Crafted Setting

With four years of construction and refinement, the Hoi An Memories performance delivers impressive displays and visually stimulating effects through the fusion of traditional stage art with modern lighting and sound effects. In the expansive 25,000m2 stage, the audience is treated to a variety of acts, each meticulously invested in terms of choreography, costumes, and scenery.

A noteworthy aspect deserving of praise is the choreography skill of the production team. Every dance and movement is graceful and synchronized among the performers. Moreover, the audience can appreciate various distinctive cultural elements within each step and dance move, thereby portraying a historically rich, artistic, romantic, and emotionally resonant narrative.

Khả năng đồng diễn nhịp nhàng, đồng bộ của các diễn viên

Synchronized and Harmonious Ensemble Performances

The lighting and sound effects further elevate the artistic quality of the Hoi An Memories art performance. In a large stage setting, colorful pathways of light, lanterns glowing through the mist, or the sparkling golden hues from the costumes of Champa dancers—all contribute to making the reenacted scenes more vivid. The artistic intention is evident not only in the actors' performances but also in every small detail on the stage, enhancing the overall artistic stature of Hoi An Memories.

2.3 Elevating the Value of Traditional Cultural and Artistic Heritage

However, the impressive aspects of the performance do not solely arise from the play of light and sound; it is the cultural and historical values that elevate the Hoi An Memories art performance. Familiar elements of folk culture such as bamboo, conical hats, traditional frames, stilt houses, and more create an atmosphere that is distinctly Vietnamese and intimately familiar to the domestic audience. Simultaneously, these elements appear unique and impressive to international visitors. Symbols representing the Vietnamese countryside are cleverly interwoven and consistently featured throughout the program, serving to assert, "This is Vietnam, the culture, and art of Vietnam."

Hình ảnh quen thuộc của đất nước được lồng ghép khéo léo

Artful Integration of Familiar National Symbols

In addition to familiar details showcased during the performance, many beliefs and traditions of the Vietnamese people are woven into the show. Most notably, the imagery of land and water is portrayed in all stages, symbolizing the unity of the land and water. The images of the dragon and fairy, one above ground and the other beneath the sea, are familiar symbols in the minds of the Vietnamese people. The pairing of land and water in Vietnamese holds a profound meaning, representing the living area of a community—a concept inseparable from Vietnamese culture. The Hoi An Memories immersive art performance astutely combines both elements, presenting each stage as an embodiment of a distinctly Vietnamese spirit.

However, it's not only the culture of Vietnam that is highlighted; the cultures of the countries that have left their mark on Hoi An are also vividly represented. From the maritime nations like Champa (Stage Two) to the cultural traditions of neighboring countries such as China and Japan, and even the cultures from distant Western lands (Stage Four), all are reenacted in vibrant detail. This resonates well with the open-minded and exchange-oriented spirit of the Vietnamese people, emphasizing both the appreciation and preservation of traditional folk cultures.

2.4 Bringing Vietnamese Culture Closer to International Friends

As previously mentioned, the production conveys many images of the people and the country of Vietnam in general, and the trading port of Hoi An in particular. Alongside globally recognized images of Vietnam, such as the Ao Dai, the artistic performance in Hoi An cleverly incorporates many culturally significant images into Vietnamese culture, such as the boat (representing men) and the riverbank (representing women). Through this, the performance also showcases the virtues of the Vietnamese people, such as perseverance, loyalty, and unity, portraying these qualities subtly and authentically without embellishment.

Show diễn Ký Ức Hội An được trình chiếu tại Quảng trường Thời Đại

The impression show hoi an is presented at the Times Square, New York

The Hoi An Memories art performance elevates the imagery that is inherently "Vietnamese" to new heights. This is most evident in the first stage, where a hundred young women dressed in white Ao Dai and conical hats illuminate the stage, gracefully and rhythmically stepping onto the vibrant path. It's a modern and unique combination, not only adhering to traditional values but also innovating and enhancing these cultural values to bring them closer to international friends.

3. How Does the impression show hoi an Unfold?

Stage 1: Lives

Every stream has its origin, and the historical flow is no exception. "Lives" serves as the starting point for the journey of exploring the formation and development of Hoi An over more than 400 years. However, in this stage, the audience is transported to an even earlier time, to the beginning of a life, to the cry announcing the birth of a person who is part of the historical flow of the nation.

Màn trình diễn đầu tiên trong show Ký Ức Hội An

The first performance in the Hoi An Memories show

In the opening stage, a traditional frame will weave a path of light, and upon it, 100 young women in Ao Dai will step forward as the starting point for a historical exploration. Then, the sound of a newborn's cry will pierce the air, symbolizing the commencement of a new story, a new land, with countless people coming together to build a new narrative.

Stage 2: The Wedding

The second stage of this remarkable art performance delves into the historical roots of Hoi An, to the time when this land became part of Vietnam. It all began with the wedding of King Chi Thanh and Princess Huyen Tran in the 14th century, during the prosperous period of the Tran dynasty.

Đám cưới mang tính lịch sử giữa Huyền Trân công chúa và vua Chế Mân

Historical wedding between Princess Huyen Tran and King Che Man

Thanks to this union, the two regions of Chau O and Chau Ly were brought to Dai Viet, providing the Tran dynasty's people with a place to explore and settle. The great sacrifice of Princess Huyen Tran brought a vast land and a peaceful life to the Vietnamese people of that time.

In stage two, the audience will witness graceful and enchanting dances by the performers, echoing the Champa dance style. Alongside this, the stage recreates the splendid scene of the mighty Champa empire.

Stage 3: Lanterns and the Sea

Every person, every life, is a part of history. In Hoi An, hundreds of simple lives have lived and built a rich and beautiful Hoi An. Among these people are simple yet devoted love stories and loyalty. Stage three brings us a love story, that of an unnamed couple, representing millions of Vietnamese people.

He is a young man, bravely navigating the four seas, building a career and homeland, riding the waves far from home. She is a young woman with a determined heart, eagerly awaiting his return to fulfill their fateful connection. These young men and women of Hoi An represent the generations of Vietnamese people with unwavering determination, steadfast hearts, values passed down to this day.

Love transcends storms and challenges in impression show hoi an

Stage 4: Integration

This is the golden age when Hoi An became the largest trading port in Asia. Gathering merchants from all over the world, they engaged in trade, exchanging material wealth as well as cultural and spiritual values from many diverse cultures. It was also a time when many ethnic groups coexisted on the land of Hoi An, from China, Japan to distant Western cultures. Today, the ancient town still preserves many relics and structures that attest to the golden age of contemporary Hoi An.

Một cảng thị Hội An đầy màu sắc

A vibrant Hoi An trading port

Stage four brings a lively, cheerful performance, showcasing the openness and integration spirit of the people of Hoi An at that time. Alongside this are details and characters with diverse cultural styles, all performing together in a lively act.

Stage 5: Ao Dai

The Ao Dai marks the conclusion of the program, aiming to reaffirm the image of the Vietnamese people. Scenes of gentle bicycles gliding through the ancient town or graceful dances in Ao Dai depict the modern Hoi An. A Hoi An that is gentle, graceful, yet still beautifully traditional and distinctly Vietnamese.

Ký Ức Hội An cùng màn diễn cuối tôn vinh tà áo dài

4. Location and Ticket Booking for impression show hoi an

The Hoi An Memories art performance takes place at the Hoi An Impression Theme Park, on Hoi An Memories Land at Hen Island, Hoi An. Besides the grand Hoi An Memories show, the Hoi An Impression Theme Park offers various activities, such as participating in traditional games, crafting, and watching mini-shows.

Currently, there are three main ways to purchase tickets to attend the Hoi An Memories art performance:

Option 1: Directly book tickets on the official Hoi An Memories website, make the payment, and receive the tickets entirely online. Upon arrival at the venue, simply scan the tickets received via email or Zalo at the entrance.

Option 2: Contact the hotline 1900 63 66 00 for ticket reservations and guidance. For groups or tourist parties, this method can be advantageous for saving time and costs through available discounts.

Option 3: Purchase tickets directly at the Hoi An Impression Theme Park.

Option 4: Inbox directly on the Hoi An Memories Land - Hoian Memories Land fanpage.

Note: If you book tickets to attend the Hoi An Memories art performance, you will receive free entry to the Hoi An Impression Theme Park from 5:00 PM.

Giá vé Ký Ức Hội An

Ticket Prices for Hoi An Memories

5. Important Notes for Watching Hoi An Memories Art Performance

Show Schedule:

The show takes place daily, starting at 8:00 PM, with a duration of approximately 60 minutes. Audiences can attend on any day of the week except every third Tuesday of the month.

Types of Tickets:

There are three main types of tickets - VIP, HI, and ECO, depending on the seating area on the grandstand. Ticket prices may vary based on age or applicable promotional programs.

Photography and Filming:

Audiences are not allowed to film or take photos during the performance. Instead, they can take photos before or after the show. After the show concludes, audiences have the opportunity to take pictures with the performers and artists.

The artistic performance of Hoi An Memories is renowned as one of the finest live shows in Vietnam. This spectacle encompasses a wealth of cultural, historical, and artistic values, leaving the audience impressed with the level of investment and scale of the production. If you have the opportunity to visit Hoi An, do not miss the chance to witness the impression show hoi an - the "most beautiful show in the world"!

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