The enchanting beauty of real scene show in Hoi An

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For a long time, the real scene show in Hoi An has become an unmissable highlight for tourists visiting the ancient city of Hoi An. So, what is it about the Hoi An Memories show that makes the audience love it so much? Let's explore the answer in the article below!

1. Hoi An Memories - The pinnacle of real scene performance art

Hoi An Memories is the first outdoor real scene show in Vietnam, bringing to the audience impressive performances, truthfully recreating images of ancient Hoi An life and people as well as remarkable historical milestones.

1.1 Elaborately staged

With a stage scale of up to 25,000 square meters, the real scene show in Hoi An is not simply a performance space but also a large picture, decorating the cultural space of Hoi An in a wonderful way.

The backdrop of the show is meticulously invested from small details to typical architectural works of Hoi An. The team of artists and directors took advantage of every corner of the space to authentically recreate the rich traditional atmosphere of Hoi An.

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The stage scale of up to 25,000 square meters of the real scene show in Hoi An

The stage scale of up to 25,000 square meters of the real scene show in Hoi An

Not only the stage, the sound, light and visual effects are also tightly choreographed. Dazzling lights, delicate sound effects and vivid images create a perfect visual and auditory space, bringing special emotions to the audience and contributing to highlighting the grandeur of the show.

Additionally, with the participation of more than 500 actors with professional acting, the meticulous investment in costumes and props also contributed greatly to the success of the show, creating beautiful performances that leave the audience thoroughly satisfied.

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1.2. The attractive and meaningful content of real scene show in Hoi An

With 5 unique performances, Hoi An Memories has brought to the audience performances that are not only entertaining, but deep-rooted meaning are the meaning of life, the spirit of resilience, integration or the loyal heart of a Vietnamese girl. All of these messages are conveyed through body language, top acting and attractive sound.

The show is not just a journey taking the audience through crucial phases of Vietnamese history, but also an opportunity to preserve and narrate significant stories about the formation and development of the nation. Authentic performances such as Life and Integration mark crucial steps in retelling and honoring history.

The meaningful content of real scene show in Hoi An

The meaningful content of real scene show in Hoi An

Each performance in the real scene show in Hoi An is a celebration of Vietnam's distinctive culture. The Ao Dai, wedding, boats and the sea are all symbols of the diversity and beauty in Vietnamese culture. Integrating these factors into an artistic masterpiece is a wonderful way to express the nation's identity and preserve its traditional values.

Not limited to traditional culture, Vietnam also integrates with the world to exchange, learn and enjoy cultural values from other civilizations. This helps create a space immersed in a vast cultural roots.

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1.3. Touching the glorious past with 5 distinctive performances

Act 1: Life

As the opening performance, Life is an authentic image of the birth and flourishing of Vietnamese culture through the image of a baby happily born in the loving embrace of parents. In addition, the image of 100 girls wearing Ao Dai rhythmically walking through the light loom, symbolizes the beginning of our nation’s meaningful historical journey.

Act 2: Wedding

Restored from the wedding of Princess Huyen Tran, who was married to Champa King Che Man in secure for Chau O and Chau Ly for Dai Viet. The performance brings out the lavishness, sparkle and splendor of a royal wedding with hundreds of soldiers following the bridal elephant procession, surrounded by dancers bustling dancing to celebrate the wedding.

The wedding act is like a thank you for the sacrifice of Princess Huyen Tran and etched deeply in the hearts of future generations.

The sparkling and magnificent Princess Huyen Tran's wedding

The sparkling and magnificent Princess Huyen Tran's wedding

Act 3: Lamps and Sea

The Lights and Sea performance conveys a profound message about the longing of people on shore and seafarers. Immersed in the love story of Faifo, the audience will encounter feelings of sadness and loyalty between the young man at sea and the girl waiting on the shore.

The image of lanterns floating on the Hoai River, accompanied by sweet prayers, will touch the hearts of audiences, creating a wonderful and emotional experience.

Act 4: Integration

The fourth performance, "Ben Bo," is an exciting journey that takes the audience to the bustling world of Hoi An trading port in the 18th - 19th centuries. The main context of the performance is the Hoi An international market where cultural interference and integration with the world are vividly recreated.

Exploring the vibrant atmosphere of the international trading port, audiences will be drawn into the busy life of the old days, when ships from Japan, China, and Western countries arrived, carrying goods and unique cultural essence. This performance is not only an image of commercial trade but also a symbol of cultural and social development.

Act 5: Ao Dai

Ao dai is not only a traditional costume but also a symbol of beauty, sophistication and grace. The 5th performance honors the beauty of Vietnamese women over time, each contour of the Ao Dai is a symbol of longevity and preservation of cultural values.

The Ao Dai show celebrates the timeless beauty of Vietnamese women

The Ao Dai show celebrates the timeless beauty of Vietnamese women

2. Explore the Hoi An Memories Land

Hoi An Memories Land includes: Hoi An Memories Resort & Spa, Hoi An Impression Theme Park and landscape of the Hoi An Memories show. Moreover, to enjoy the real scene show in Hoi An, tourists can check in to 1001 beautiful locations in the resort and Hoi An Impression Park.

Hoi An Impression Park is one of the leading entertainment destinations on Hoi An Memories Land. With unique mini shows about fairy tales and ancient legends, tourists will be immersed in the mysterious and legendary atmosphere of this land. The reenactments of culture and ethnicity are also unique, providing unforgettable entertainment experiences.

Enjoy 20 exciting minishows at Hoi An Impression Theme Park

Enjoy 20 exciting minishows at Hoi An Impression Theme Park

Tourists can freely explore Quang's unique cuisine through attractive dishes at local restaurants. From the rich flavors of the Middle to the delicate tastes of Hoi An, tourists will fully experience the typical flavors of this ancient land. At the same time, shopping for lovely items and checking in at 1001 picturesque corners are also interesting activities that tourists should overlook.

If you desire a peaceful and picturesque space, Hoi An Memories Resort & Spa on Hoi An Memories Land is the perfect destination. With 102 rooms and villas facing the river, the city garden, the resort gives tourists the feeling of living in the heart of the ancient town. The infinity pool with Hoai River view creates a wonderful relaxing space, helping tourists relieve all the fatigue and pressures of life. The outdoor bar is also an ideal place to enjoy drinks and admire the romantic beauty of Hoi An Memories Land.


The enchanting beauty and spectacular performances of the real scene show in Hoi An leave a lasting impression on tourists. This is the reason why Hoi An has become an unmissable destination for anyone who loves the beauty and traditional culture of Vietnam. Let’s take the time to enjoy the Hoi An Memories show when visiting Hoi An!

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