Top 4 Mesmerizing Hoi An Performances that captivate travelers

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Currently, the trend of combining travel with performance shows seems to be favored by many tourists. Not only do they enjoy the new atmosphere in a strange land, but they also have moments of relaxation, immersing themselves in the vibrant melodies of each show. Among them, Hoi An is one of the heritage sites that possesses extremely unique cultural and artistic shows. Below are 4 shows in Hoi An that tourists voted as "visual feasts". Let's take a look to find out what shows you love and plan for your upcoming trip to the ancient town!

1. Hoi An Performance show - Hoi An Memories

When it comes to the remarkable Hoi An performance show, Memories of Hoi An takes the spotlight as a scenography art performance show highly appreciated by both the media and tourists, domestically and internationally. Accordingly, Hoi An Memories is an outdoor performance show with the mission of recreating the story of Hoi An from the early days of reclamation to establish the hamlet, to the time when the ancient town became the busiest trading port in Southeast Asia. Finally, the dynamic image of Hoi An today. The reason Hoi An Memories is known as the most beautiful show in the world (According to Reuters) is for the following reasons:

Elaborate and majestic staging: The stage is up to 25,000 square meters, gathering nearly 500 professional actors, a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system is arranged throughout the stage and grandstands can serve more than 3,300 seats.

Top-notch artistic performance: The emotional and captivating performances of the cast helped fully recreate the historical scene and the thousands-of-life lifestyles of the people of Hoi An. Each performance movement is meticulously choreographed by the efforts of the participating actors, making the show bring new feelings and sensory-stimulating experience to the audience.
to the audience.

Top-notch artistic performance in Hoi An performance show

Top-notch artistic performance in Hoi An performance show

Recreating the history and culture of Hoi An authentically: Every legend, love story, village scene or modern-day Hoi An are "drawn" vividly through 5 performances: Life - Wedding - Lamp & Sea - Integration - Ao Dai. Each presentation brings diverse emotions, leaving the audience with a spectrum of feelings, making their hearts resonate, and joyfully dancing with pride for these vibrant depictions of the nation.

Bringing Vietnamese culture closer to the world: Through images of bamboo, stilt roofs, ancient streets, traditional customs, fishing, releasing lanterns, etc. and most especially, The Vietnamese Ao Dai in the show has helped convey the beauty, tranquility and gentle land of Vietnam to international friends.

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Not only the reviews, but the grandeur and impression of the Hoi An performance show - Hoi An Memories is also clearly shown through the prestigious awards that the show proudly received. Specifically:

  • Guinness Vietnam has recognized the Hoi An Memories show with two major records: "Daily art show with the largest actors" and "Art show with the largest outdoor performance stage".
  • November 11, 2022 - at the World Travel Awards ceremony held in Oman, Hoi An Memories Land was honored as "World Leading Entertainment Destination 2022". In particular, Hoi An Memories show is also the "puzzle piece" that creates this proud title.
  • In 2019, Hoi An Memories was awarded the "Leading Historical Spectacle Show", presented by the bilingual magazine Wanderlust Tips at the Best Hotels - Resort Awards ceremony.
  • Tripadvisor Travelers Choice Awards in 2020 with the topic of the impressive global destinations.
  • The Guide Awards in 2019: the best cultural and historical value scenography performance show in Vietnam.

Hoi An Memories has received prestigious awards for its grandeur and meticulousness.

Hoi An Memories has received prestigious awards for its grandeur and meticulousness.

Moreover, on March 14, 2019, the show Hoi An Memories became the first Vietnamese artistic show to be premiered in Times Square, New York. It can be said that with a period of 2 years to come up with the idea and another 2 years to complete the set and train the actors, the event has reaped the first "sweet fruit" through attracting the attention of 220 news agencies around the world. Among them, the world's largest news agency is Reuters which also wrote an article praising the scale and impression of Hoi An Memories. Notably, in just 18 months since the first performance, more than 1 million tourists attended the event. From the above figures it can be seen that Hoi An Memories has fully played its role in 'awakening' the 400 years of history about a "different" Hoi An and introduced to the world the most golden historical parts of the ancient town.

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Basic information:

  • Location: Hoi An Memories Land, No. 200 Nguyen Tri Phuong Street (turn left), Cam Nam Ward, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province, Vietnam.
  • Time: From 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM, every day of the week (except Tuesday).
  • Ticket Prices: From 600,000 VND - 1,200,000 VND (for tourists) - From 300,000 VND - 950,000 VND (For local people). Fore more details here.

>> Book tickets for the Hoi An Memories show at the official website

2. Hoi An performance show - Palao show

"Palao" - a word in Cham language, meaning of letting go to welcome new things. Champa - an ethnic group with its own culture and language. Whenever a big boat sets sail, when a young person is born or when bidding farewell to a soul on its new journey, the ChamPa people often utter the short but love-filled word "Palao”.

"Palao" is not only a word, but also a spirit and a philosophy of life imbued with Cham culture. In the show, the sounds of traditional musical instruments such as Ginseng, Paranung, Saranai, Kanhi and conch trumpet are uniquely combined with the boldness of creative instruments made from daily life items of the Cham residents. Electronic music and powerful vocals contribute to creating a powerful musical space, like an attractive wave, inviting the audience to immerse themselves in a new space.

On Lune Production's stage, the artists not only performed, but they truly embodied their characters to live, cry, laugh, and share every breath together. They do not immerse themselves in the past forever, but set sail, opening up the future in accordance with the Palao spirit - freedom, breakthrough and always moving forward.

During the Palao show, visitors will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore the world of the Cham people with a contemporary breath.
    Admire the life of Champa impressively recreated of ChamPa life through intense and emotional dances.
  • Feel the spirit of Palao through each sound of traditional ritual instruments harmonized in a new way.

Basic information:

  • Location: Hoi An Lune Center, No. 1A Nguyen Phuc Chu Street, Minh An Ward, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province
  • Time: 6PM - 7PM
  • Ticket price: Ranges from 700,000VND/person - 1,600,000VND/person.

Khung cảnh ấn tượng từ các diễn viên show diễn ở Hội An - Palao

Impressive scene from actors of Hoi An performance show - Palao

3. Hoi An performance show - Á Ồ show

Creating curiosity in the audience right from the name, À Ố Show not only expresses the familiar exclamations "À!" and "Ố!" that conveys the audience's surprise during the enjoyment but also represents the vowels of the words "Làng" (Village) and "Phố" (City). These are the two spaces mentioned throughout the show's more than 60 minutes of show. With the combination of two elements: bamboo circus and contemporary dance, À Ố Show will bring to the audience high-class artistic performances, portraying a variety of emotions in the face of life's transitions, from simple and rustic villages to bustling and luxurious cities.

Accordingly, when enjoying the Á Ồ show, tourists will be able to:

  • Enjoy performances from skilled circus artists in rustic brown village costumes with bamboo as the main props, combined with activities such as fishing, netting, accompanied by familiar sounds of rural nature. All of these things come together to help recreate the Vietnamese rural life of decades ago.
  • Admire the contrast as urbanization takes place. Each story told will leave in the minds of each audience a mix of emotions, excitement, nostalgia with a feeling of excitement at the unexpected "joking" situations of the actors.
  • The performance was highly appreciated as it created a thread connecting Vietnamese culture with the audience.
  • Enjoy acrobatic performances, contemporary dances, images of village bamboo and many more interesting things.

Basic information:

  • Location: Hoi An Lune Center, No. 1A Nguyen Phuc Chu Street, Minh An Ward, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province
  • Time: 6PM- 7PM
  • Ticket prices: Children will range from 490,000 VND/Guest - 1,200,000 VND/Guest. Adults will range from 700,000 VND/Guest to 1,600,000 VND/Guest.

Hình ảnh mãn nhãn từ show Á Ồ

Eye-catching images from Á Ồ show

4. Hoi An Performance Show - Water puppet show

Performances in the Water Puppet Show are often related to daily stories or recreating the lives of farmers from over 1,000 years ago. Specifically, this artistic show will recreate daily activities such as plowing, fishing, children herding buffalo and catching crabs. Furthermore, at Hoi An Water Puppet Theater, there are many performances showing characteristics of Quang culture such as the legend of the Cu and Apsara dance.

Hoi An Water Puppetry not only preserves the spirit and identity of traditional arts but also brings audiences unique and attractive performances. Every act is carefully invested from script content, props, sound and lighting effects, as well as the diversity of performances such as Teu teaching, boat racing, dragon dance, bowl dance fairies, children's water games, Cu town legends, Apsara dance and many other performances. All of these aimed to offer the most exciting experience to tourists during their trip to Hoi An.

Basic information:

  • Location: Hoi An Theater, 548 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province
  • Schedule: 6:30 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday every week.
  • Ticket price: Children are 40,000 VND/Guests. Adults are 80,000 VND/Guests.

Một cảnh trong Múa rối nước ở rạp hát Hội An

A scene from the Water Puppet Show at Hoi An Theater

We have just brought you 4 Hoi An performance shows that will make tourists fascinated. In addition to the shows that Hoi An Memories Land just introduced above, there are many other impressive performances. That makes us proud that the cultural identity of the country of Vietnam is attractive, attractive and worth preserving. If you have any further questions about the products/services of Hoi An Memories Land, you can feel free to contact us through the hotline at 1900 63 66 00 - 0904 636 600 or visit our official website - Hoi An Memories Land.

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